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Firm History and Profile

Organization and Structure

We are a local CPA firm and have six staff; five professional staff including two partners, three staff, and one administrative staff. We anticipate that the staff on this engagement would include a Senior Manager, and senior staff auditor in addition to the audit partners. All services to be provided will be provided by the above professionals. While every CPA firm has turnover, the average length of employment of our staff is more than 6 years.

The Adams Group, LLC has their office located at 400 South Colorado Blvd., Suite 690 in Denver, Colorado. Our firm is authorized to practice in Colorado as a limited liability company. All personnel assigned to this assignment are also properly licensed as Certified Public Accountants in Colorado.

Management Style

We believe that what sets The Adams Group, LLC apart from other accounting firms, both large and small, is the active participation in all audits by the partners and managers, not just in the planning stages and final report presentation, but throughout all phases of the audit. A manager or partner will be on-site during all of the time field work is being performed. We foster a team atmosphere among all members of the audit staff and also between our audit and administrative staff. We have been able to minimize our number of staff involved with each client with the latest software and hardware efficiencies. The priority of all members of the team is to provide quality service to our clients and be well trained in our clients’ industries.

The Adams Group, LLC performs approximately 100 certified audits per year. These clients operate on computer systems as simple as QuickBooks to those systems which are more complex. These audits include a county, cities and governmental special districts (metro districts, fire districts, and water and sanitation districts). We also assist a Colorado County and several Offices of the Public Trustee in closing their accounting records and preparing their financial statements. Other entities served include not-for-profit entities (voluntary health and welfare organizations, community services, missionary organizations, and churches), HUD projects, a multi-state title insurance company, a multi-state manufacturer, agencies, contractors, life insurance companies, employee plans, food services, nursery growers, professional services, and retailers. Accounting and auditing constitute approximately 50% of The Adams Group, LLC’s operations, tax services comprise 40%, and consulting and other services account for the balance.

Additional Services Offered

At The Adams Group, LLC, we are committed to providing full service to our clients by providing tax and business planning, accounting, auditing, estate planning, tax preparation, and management services for a variety of entities. Through our own personnel we consult with governments, not-for-profit organizations, and private businesses to solve a broad range of management and technical system problems. Wherever possible, we use personnel already experienced with the client to conduct non-audit services in order to take advantage of knowledge gained during the audit.

In addition to traditional audit services, our firm also offers a broad range of associated services to clients, including:

  • Assistance in preparing budgets and forecasts
  • Preparation of accounting records for audit
  • Recommendations for corrective actions and increased efficiency
  • Assistance with computer hardware and software applications
  • Design of employee benefit programs
  • Income tax preparation and consultation
  • Professional pronouncement implementation, planning and compliance